Based on Isabella Tree’s best-selling book by the same title, Wilding tells the story of a young couple that bets on nature for the future of their failing, four-hundred-year-old estate. The young couple battles entrenched tradition, and dares to place the fate of their farm in the hands of nature. Ripping down the fences, they set the land back to the wild and entrust its recovery to a motley mix of animals both tame and wild. It is the beginning of a grand experiment that will become one of the most significant rewilding experiments in Europe.


David Allen


Matthew Collyer, Rhiannon Neads, Isabella Tree


This showing is part of our season of film and food with Discover + Dine! One ticket will grant you access to the film, as well as a two-course meal, for only £15*. Not only that, but you can take advantage of free parking from 3pm on a Tuesday making the whole experience even more affordable.

Each Discover + Dine has a set menu with two courses.

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Ploughman’s Lunch - Cheddar, Pickle, Pickled Onion, Apple

Bread and Salad


Nurseryman’s Lunch - Tomato, Mushroom, Onion,

Courgette and Asparagus on a Warm Cheese Scone


Apple Pie and Custard

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